The Family Tree 2010


Now that you have heard all about our little adventure finding this year’s Christmas tree, here is the finished product…

These days I especially love to decorate the tree with white and glass ornaments.




The tree is also filled with many more colourful ornaments that have special meaning to our family, while the rest are mainly white & glass themed. I love the way the white and glass look against bluish spruce needles, and the white tool reminds me of soft snow.

We have started putting up lights outside. It began with my husband saying he thinks we should hang icicle lights up. We have a great roof line for it. Then when he got out there with the lights he declared that if he tried to do that he might actually kill himself. We are not the handiest family when it comes to that type of thing, and after the National Lampoon adventure finding our tree I did not want to push it and see the same thing happen with the lights. ;-)

We decided on going with white lights wrapped around garland in the front of the house and multi color lights on the Colorado spruce trees out back. I can’t wait to share more photos with you in the days to come. What a wonderful time of year!
Now back to decorating! This wreath that you can no longer see needs to get hung on the door ;-)

Have a lovely day, friends!

What kind of lights do you like to put up? White, multi, or a specific color?




















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