Reasons for Recycling Paper


Paper makes up many different products you use on a regular basis beyond a sheet of notebook paper. The daily newspaper, juice carton, paper towels and reference books are just a few of the paper products you might encounter each day. With such a large use of paper products, recycling becomes a significant action to keep paper products under control.

Resource Conservation

Paper recycling takes advantage of existing paper products to create new items. Because the tree was already cut down to make the original paper product, recycling helps preserve natural resources. Slowing the harvest of trees to create paper products benefits the environment.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Paper recycling requires less energy and water than new production of paper, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Lower energy and water consumption helps protect these resources while further reducing pollution introduced into the environment.

Less Landfill Waste

Paper products that aren’t recycled often end up in the landfills, which are already full of trash. By recycling all possible paper products, you keep more trash out of the landfills, slowing the rate it fills up. Recycling a ton of paper results in a savings of 3.3 cubic yards in the landfill, according to Approximately 63 percent of all paper used in the U.S. was collected for recycling, resulting in an average of 325 lbs. for every person in the country. Increasing the recycling rate would free up even more landfill space.

Reduced Emissions

Cutting down trees for the paper manufacturing process releases carbon into the environment. By recycling paper, the carbon release is slowed because fewer trees need to be cut down to meet the paper demands. Recycling paper reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Easy Accessibility

Access to paper recycling programs is widespread in most areas. In many cases, consumers have the option of curbside recycling, which includes the collection of paper products, such as newspapers, paper, cardboard and other paper-based containers. Most communities have recycling centers that allow consumers to drop off recyclable materials. Some retailers even offer recycling bins in the stores. The accessibility means the recycling process is simplified, leaving you with little reason not to recycle your paper products.



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