Coffee Filter Wreath


One of my favorite things about moving back to the US is being able to watch Martha Stewart on the Hallmark channel, especially this time of year. I love seeing all the wonderful holiday crafts and displays. The only problem is I am having trouble finding time to fit in watching the show. Anyone else have that problem too?

Fortunately, one day last week I did catch a segment where Martha made a beautiful coffee filter wreath, and as if by magic I somehow managed to focus in on how it was made even with the chaos going on around me. I was really intrigued because I had a big bag of coffee filters that were not being used. Little did I know before I bought our coffee maker, it doesn’t use paper filters :-/

Here is how I made Martha Stewart’s Coffee Filter Wreath.



First I cut out the center of a paper plate. The lip works well to hold the glue.

Next I folded a coffee filter in half then folded the sides in slightly to make a smaller area at the bottom of the filter to glue.

Using a hot glue gun I drew a line of glue and pressed the folded coffee filter in the glue.





I continued doing that until I got almost all the way around the circle when I remembered to punch 2 holes and tie a ribbon through them to hang the wreath.






Continue with the coffee filters until you have gone all the way around the circle.

Next I glued coffee filters around the circle on the inside facing the opposite direction, pointing inward.



After the inside filter is glued in place you push it upward to make a more full wreath.



When you are done gluing the coffee filters into place this is what the wreath looks like.



Lastly, to complete the look, tie on a bow.

I started with a big red bow.



Then I decided to trade it up for a smaller maroon bow.



Voila! A beautiful coffee filter wreath made in very little time using things I already had around the house. Martha also kicked hers up a notch with some glitter and glue if you want to take it to the next level. I hit my time limit but was happy with the result.

What is your opinion, which bow do you like better on the wreath?





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