Second Wind Battery Charger


Did you know that the very first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970? What did you do to celebrate Earth Day this year?

Little by little, we all have the power to help protect our environment from future dangers and harm. There are great environmentally-friendly products out there that can help you get started on your path to a greener future!

Second Wind Alkaline Batter Charger is an amazing addition to any pro-green home. Second Wind safely recharges alkaline batteries that claim to be “non-rechargeable”.

This battery charger utilizes new, cutting edge technology that will fully recharge your AA or AAA batteries after just 90 minutes. The charger allows you to charge any brand of battery on the market and also monitors the batteries for safety.

If a battery shows any sign of defect or damage, the charger will automatically stop charging it. You can use the charger to charge a single battery or multiple batteries of multiple types at the same time.

So next time your remote runs out of battery, save a trip to the convenient store AND help the environment at the same time with the Second Wind Alkaline Battery Charger. Go green love!




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