Fashion for Pregnant Woman


The growing belly announces your pregnancy to those around you, but it also adds a challenge to getting dressed each morning. Maternity clothes often resemble regular clothing, allowing you to stick with your usual sense of fashion as your midsection expands. A set of basics for your maternity wardrobe helps you keep the costs down without wearing a muumuu every day.


Your lifestyle plays a large role in maternity fashion considerations. If you work outside the home, the dress code of the office dictates the type of maternity clothes you need in your wardrobe. A more formal office environment means you will need to invest in dressy maternity clothes. Consider your typical activities outside of work as you put together your maternity wardrobe.

Mix and Match

Basic pieces in your maternity wardrobe allow you to mix and match for a custom look. For example, you might wear a long sweater over a pair of leggings for work, while pairing it with your favorite maternity jeans for a casual trip to the store. Classic styling in your maternity clothes allows you to reuse them for subsequent pregnancies with little worry of them going out of style.


A basic maternity wardrobe typically consists of a mix of casual and dressy or work clothes. A pair of maternity jeans gives you a casual option for bottoms. Leggings are a more comfortable option with greater versatility. Leggings work well for both casual lounge outfits and more formal work attire when paired with a business casual shirt. At least one empire waist dress adds a dressier touch to the maternity wardrobe. A balance of casual and dressy shirts give you options for both lounging at home and work or going out.


Color affects how an outfit makes you look, whether pregnant or not. If you want to feel more slender, choose black or other dark colors for the majority of your maternity wardrobe. Wearing pants and shirts of the same color help make the body look elongated, making this fashion option ideal for petite women. Taller women might prefer different colored pants and tops to avoid looking even taller. Horizontal stripes make you look wider, so you’ll want to avoid them if your baby belly is already making you feel wide.


Accessories allow you to use the same basic maternity pieces while making them look different. Belts are a simple way to change up an outfit. Use a fashionable belt to pull in extra fabric on maternity shirts. This trick works well in the beginning and middle of the pregnancy when you might not fit into your regular clothes but maternity clothes are still big. A scarf tied around the neck is another quick way to change up a plain maternity shirt or dress. Wearing different jewelry or shoes also creates a different outfit from the same basic clothes.



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