How to Make Valentine’s Day Decorations


Make Valentine’s Day decorations to spruce up your home or office for the holiday. Homemade Valentine’s Day decorations can add to a festive or romantic atmosphere in any room of your home or for a party. Include your children in making some of the decorations to spend extra time together. Many children learn from crafts and enjoy craft-time, which typically makes handmade holiday decoration projects a pleasure for all involved.

Garland of Hearts

Step 1

Draw large hearts on construction paper, cardstock, fabric or a combination of the three with a pencil. Each heart should be the same size for a balanced look. Or, alternate between two or three different sizes. Use a stencil or trace the first heart to ensure they are the same sizes.

Step 2

Cut out the hearts. Use craft scissors if you want decorative edges.

Step 3

Decorate the hearts with stickers, glitter or layers of decorative paper and fabric cut into smaller hearts. Add any embellishments you desire, such as spelling out a message on the hearts.

Step 4

Punch small holes on both sides of the heart, or cut two small slits if you don’t have a hole puncher.

Step 5

Thread a long piece of string through the holes in the hearts, with the strings going behind the hearts and coming out of the front. Tie a knot on the front side of the hearts so each heart stays in place.

Step 6

Hang the heart garland above your bed, over the fireplace, behind the couch or wrap it around a tree, lamp, staircase railing or other area in your home.

Heart Flowers

Step 1

Poke a small hole near the pointed bottom of each craft foam heart shape with a push pin or craft knife. Use five, six or seven hearts per “flower.”

Step 2

Decorate the heart-shaped petals with glitter, pictures, faux gemstones or any other embellishments you wish to add. Use the petals to spell out a message if you want to surprise your love with a bouquet of flowers and Valentine’s Day message.

Step 3

Slide the craft foam hearts onto a lollipop stick under the sucker. If you want a more grownup version, use chopsticks, wooden dowels or 24-gauge wire as makeshift stems.

Step 4

Fan out the hearts so they resemble the petals of flowers. Place the flowers in vases around your home for decoration.



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