Boy’s Room Decoration Ideas


When decorating a boy’s room, it’s super important to think about his interests, preferences and personal style. What you think will be the perfect room for your little boy may be totally different than he was hoping for. Working together to solidify your decorating plan can help ensure that you both end up with a room you are satisfied with. Here are some theme ideas to give your son’s room a decorative (but not cluttered) pop.

Go Coastal

If you are considering a boy’s room theme and want something he can grow into (and won’t grow out of for some time), consider the shore. Starting out with white bead-boarded walls and wooden window trim will help to create the perfect backdrop for your coastal theme. Blue drapes, lantern-styled lights and nautical themed bedding all work well with the coastal theme. Framing photos of boats, nautical flags and lighthouses for the walls will complete the look. If you are in the market for a throw or area rug, choose one that has a nautical flag or a sailboat border to complement the room. If he is old enough, get your son boy involved with choosing and making some of the room decorations so feels like he owns it. Let him create a banner to hang across the room featuring hand-drawn nautical flags or frame a piece of his nautical-themed artwork to hang on the wall.

Replicate a Lodge

Transforming your boy’s bedroom to look like a room at the lodge is a great idea if your son loves the great outdoors. Buy (or if you’re up to it, make) a log bed to show visitors what the room is all about. Painting the walls a light shade of green will add a sense of freshness to his room. Red sleeping-bag inspired bedding, white and red checkered curtains and an animal print throw pillows will give the room the feel of a campsite. Adding a small wooden picnic table and play tent will not only complement your theme, but provide for endless hours of imaginary play.

Focus on Sports

If your son loves sports, show it off. Whether your child is a whiz at one sport or a jack of all athletic trades, this is a classic theme that’s easy to shop for. Choose paint colors that reflect his favorite team’s colors to set the stage for the room. Hang pennants, posters, team jerseys or paint a mural that depicts his favorite player, sport or venue to cover the walls. Wallpaper borders can also be used to enhance the wall space. Sports-themed bedding and accessories, like a lamp in the shape of a football or soccer ball will give the room some extra light. Add a plastic basketball net to the back of the door as another classic sports-inspired decoration. If the boy plays sports, hang his team picture or a photo of him playing the sport.




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