How Far Into Pregnancy Do You Get Morning Sickness?


Though some women sail through pregnancy with no problems at all, more than half of pregnant women experience morning sickness, according to the American Pregnancy Association. It’s one of those symptoms that you don’t look forward to and, if you’re currently going through it, you want to know how long it will last. In most cases, it’s over quickly.

When It Starts

Morning sickness occurs due to the large amount of new hormones in your body as a result of the pregnancy. It can take awhile for these hormones to build up, so most women don’t experience morning sickness until the sixth week of pregnancy, which is usually around four weeks after conception. However, there is a broad range of normal results, and you may start to experience it sooner or later.


Most women will find that their morning sickness dissipates by the 12th week of pregnancy. If your symptoms started later than average, however, you may experience nausea later than average.

Special Cases

Though uncommon, some women experience morning sickness for the duration of their pregnancies. Your symptoms may be ever-present, or they may decrease, rearing their ugly head only at certain times.

When to Talk to Your Doctor

In most cases, morning sickness is not a cause for concern and you don’t need to call your doctor. However, if it’s severe and is preventing you from eating enough food, then you should discuss your problem with your doctor. You may also want to bring it up if you’re still experiencing symptoms well into your second trimester.

Easing Morning Sickness Throughout Your Pregnancy

When morning sickness first strikes, it may catch you off guard. You’ll probably find that you are more likely to experience symptoms when your stomach is empty, so try to keep your stomach full at all times. You may also find relief by drinking ginger ale or by using acupressure bracelets for motion sickness.



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