Proper Workout Apparel for Women


If you’ve ever decided to go for a run wearing a normal, everyday bra, you know the importance of a well-fitting sports bra. The other garments you wear during a workout are just as important for comfort and to prevent injury as well. You wouldn’t go for a walk in your office heels, nor should you run in a pair of shoes made for walking.


Your lacy thong may be all right in the bedroom, but it will most likely work against you if you wear it to run, do yoga or Pilates or during any athletic activity. Choose cotton or nylon underwear with full coverage. The cotton or nylon fabric will breathe, which prevents sweat build up and chafing. The full coverage will ensure you remain comfortable while exercising.

Sports Bra

Even if you are as flat as a board, you should still wear a sports bra while working out. The type of sports bra you need depends on your size and the level of exercise you are doing. If you are doing a low-impact yoga routine and are small chested, opt for a compression sports bra with a scoop back. If you are going for a run, choose a bra with a racer back, which provides some more support. If you are a C-cup or larger, you should wear a sports bra that both compresses your breasts and encapsulates them to get the best support, according to Runner’s World. Look for a wide band on the bottom of the bra for more support as well. Make sure you choose a bra made of a breathable fabric.


While you can skip the shoes for some workouts, such as swimming, yoga or Pilates, some exercises, such as running or biking, require that you have proper footwear. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends buying the proper footwear if you do an exercise at least three times a week. When buying the shoes, try them on after your work out and wear the same socks you would wear during your workout. The shoes should be comfortable to start, you don’t want a pair to “break in.” You should be able to move your toes freely in the shoe. A shoe with good traction is essential for many sports. If you walk or run, look for shoes with good shock absorption.

Shirts, Pants and Shorts

While you may think that bulky oversized T-shirt is perfect to wear while you run or do Pilates, it will actually bring you down. The bulk of the shirt will prohibit you from seeing your body’s movements or may create drag while you run. Look for a fitted, breathable shirt to wear. Your shorts or pants should also breathe well and have enough give that you can stretch out fully or kick.



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