How to Prevent Colds During Pregnancy


Pregnancy comes with its share of aches and pains. Adding in the sniffles, sneezes and coughing of the common cold makes you even more uncomfortable. Beyond the discomfort of a cold, the pregnancy means you won’t be able to take as many cold medications as you would normally. At least part of your pregnancy will likely fall during cold season, putting you at risk for the illness. Focusing on cold prevention leaves you healthier without the worry of which over-the-counter medications you can take.

Step 1

Wash your hands frequently during your pregnancy, especially when you are in public and touch lots of potentially contaminated surfaces.

Step 2

Stay away from people with colds or areas where there are often sick people, such as busy stores. While you can’t avoid sick people completely, limiting your exposure during your pregnancy reduces the risk of getting a cold.

Step 3

Sit away from other patients if possible while waiting to see the doctor. Touch as few surfaces as possible and wash your hands as soon as you leave the doctor’s office.

Step 4

Wipe down surfaces in your office if you work during your pregnancy, especially if you are in an open office or others frequently use your office.

Step 5

Eat a healthy, balanced diet to keep your body and immune system as healthy as possible. This is sometimes a challenge at the beginning of the pregnancy when you might have morning sickness or experience food aversions. Fill up on as many healthy foods as your body can tolerate and take your prenatal vitamins daily.

Step 6

Walk or do other low-impact exercises throughout the pregnancy as another way to keep your body healthy so it can fight off germs. Pregnant women often feel exhausted, but gentle exercise can boost your energy levels in addition to keeping you healthy.

Step 7

Sleep as soundly as possible and make sure you get enough sleep each night to avoid running down your body. A pregnancy pillow might help you sleep more comfortably once your stomach begins growing.

Step 8

Ask everyone in the home to observe the same cold-prevention strategies to keep everyone healthy. A sick person in your own home makes it more difficult to avoid the cold yourself. This also gets them in the habit of keeping away cold germs when your baby is born, helping the newest member of the family stay healthy.



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