Safe Cleaners for Pregnancy


Low energy levels might make cleaning a low priority during pregnancy. If you do get the energy and ambition to clean, familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of using cleaning products. The safety of you and your baby is more important than having a sparkling clean stove top or spotless floors. Most cleaning products are safe to use if you follow some basic safety tips. If you still have concerns, hand the cleaning rag to your partner and let him handle the cleaning.


Most general cleaners are safe to use during pregnancy. If your cleaner has a particularly harsh smell, try a different brand that isn’t as harsh. Other cleaners are stronger and more toxic, making them more of a risk to pregnant women. Drain cleaners and oven cleaners are two examples of cleaners better left to your partner. Stay out of the area while he is cleaning to avoid breathing in the harsh chemicals.

Safety Tips

Proper ventilation in the room where you are cleaning keeps the concentration of chemicals in the air lower. Gloves keep the chemicals off of your skin, which is sometimes more sensitive during pregnancy. The chemicals also don’t have a chance to soak into the skin with the gloves in place. Spraying a smaller amount of cleaner directly onto the rag or sponge reduces the amount of chemicals in the air for a safer clean. Leave the higher areas for your partner to clean. Standing on a step stool or other surfaces becomes a danger during pregnancy because of the risk of falling. Your growing stomach and loose ligaments might throw your balance off more than usual.


Mixing cleaners sometimes results in very dangerous fumes and should always be avoided. The label of cleaning supplies gives you an indication of the toxicity of the product. Avoid chemicals that indicate a high danger on the label. If a cleaner has an overwhelming smell, leave the area until the chemicals clear out of the room.


Your body helps you determine the safety of a particular cleaner. If you notice signs such as a headache, nausea or a lightheaded sensation, your body is telling you the cleaning chemicals are too harsh. Move to a different room or head outdoors for some fresh air and let someone else finish the cleaning.


Natural, homemade cleaning products often perform just as well as commercial products without the harsh chemicals. You probably already have the basic supplies for a homemade cleaner in your pantry. Baking soda and vinegar work well for many cleaning duties. Use a vinegar and water solution as a general cleaner. Baking soda works as a scouring cleaner.



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