Bedwetting Alarms


Children have smaller bladders than adults, so it’s normal for them to experience bedwetting at night. As a toddler becomes a school-age child, though, this bedwetting should stop. A bedwetting alarm can help your child stop wetting the bed at night. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the alarms have about a 50 to 75 percent chance of success.

How It Works

A bedwetting alarm aims to wake your child up when it senses wetness. Some attach to the underpants while others are a pad on your child’s bed. As your child starts to urinate, an alarm will sound, waking him up and allowing him to get to the toilet before there is a big mess. Some alarms use light and vibration in addition to sound to help wake deep sleepers. Over time, it should train your child to wake up before the alarm sounds.

Before You Start

You need to determine the cause of your child’s bedwetting before you employ an alarm. Some children have accidents due to a urinary tract infection or other medical condition. Alarms are not appropriate in these situations. If your child just doesn’t seem to wake up when she has a full bladder, the alarm may be the right solution.

Age For Bedwetting Alarms

Occasional bedwetting is normal in toddlers due to their very small bladders. You shouldn’t expect a 3-year-old to always stay dry at night. If your child is still wetting the bed at age 6, however, you can try the alarm.

How Long It Takes

A bedwetting alarm isn’t an instant solution. It will take time for your child to learn when to wake up before he has to go or to hold his urine throughout the night. However, you might be able to expect success after just two months of using the alarm. Some children will take longer.

Removing the Alarm

A dry night or two is certainly a success, but it doesn’t mean that your child is ready to give up the alarm. You should wait for at least two weeks of dry nights before you remove the alarm. Consider testing her bladder by giving her a glass of water just before bed and seeing if she still stays dry. If this happens, you’ll know you have success.



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