The Best Hairstyles for Professional Women


If you are a professional woman, you are likely eager to put your best foot — or head of hair — forward. You can increase your chances of doing so by selecting a hairstyle appropriate for your professional life. By selecting a hairstyle that gives you a professional appearance, you can set yourself apart from the rest and make yourself appear as a ready-for-work woman who is an asset to her company.

Sleek and Straight Style

To give your long locks a polished and professional look, select a sleek and straight style. Straighten your tresses, using a flat iron or large barrel curling iron, to create this sleek style. Part your hair off center, or push your locks away from your face with a headband to finish your style and ready you to head off to work.

Out-of-the-Way Updo

If you spend a majority of your work day pouring over papers, keeping your hair out of the way may prove advantageous. Before heading off to work, wrap your hair in a tight french twist or other professional-looking updo. Not only does this practice keep your tresses from falling into your face, it also gives you the perfect look for a formal workplace, as updos commonly convey a feeling of subtle sophistication.

Short and Sassy Pixie

If you work in a world of men, selecting a pixie cut may be a way to stop yourself from standing apart from these masculine co-workers. A short pixie cut will not only mimic the male hair styles around you, but it also gives your appearance the crisp, clean, no-nonsense edge you desire.

Workplace-Ready Bob

If you want a short look for work, but you aren’t quite daring enough to cut your hair high above your shoulders, consider a bob. Cut your locks into a bob, and flip them under daily to create a work-ready look for your tresses. Dress up this style by adding a swoop bang to frame your face, giving an appropriate level of softness to your look.

Polished Pony

If you don’t have time to dedicate to a complex hair styling process each morning, consider making a ponytail your go-to style. To make your simple pony tale workplace appropriate, jazz up the look with a barrette or other ponytail wrap. For a more natural, yet still sleek, look, pull a section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around the base of the tail, securing it underneath with a bobby pin to finish your look.



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