Pregnant Mothers & Cell Phones


When you discovered that you were pregnant, you likely immediately gave up alcohol, stopped smoking and eliminated certain foods from your diet to ensure that your infant would be born healthy and happy. You did not, however, likely quit using your cell phone. If one study, jointly conducted by UCLA School of Public Health and University of Aarhus, Institute of Public Health, proves true, you should have done just that.

Potential Impact

While it may seem that holding a cell phone to your ear would have little impact on the baby growing in your belly, one study argues that this common practice may, in fact, lead to issues with your child. The UCLA School of Public Health and University of Aarhus, Institute of Public Health, report that a study of more than 13,000 Danish children found that children born of mothers who used cell phones regularly suffered from more behavioral problems than those born to mothers without a cell phone habit. The research indicated that women who used cellphones during pregnancy were 54 percent more likely to birth children with behavioral problems than those who did not.

Other Explanations

To ensure these results, the scientists who conducted this initial study explored other potential explanations, including smoking, hereditary issues and socio-economic status. As “The Independent” reports, the researchers concluded that none of these factors had an impact on their findings. They did, however, contend that it was possible that mothers who used cell phones regularly were also prone to paying less attention to their growing children, potentially leading to this behavioral problem increase.

Healthy Skepticism

As with all research, the studies that have shown that cell phone use can impact unborn children are not without reproach. As ABC News reports, while some scientists support the study’s findings, others remain skeptical. Charles Poole, an associate professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for example, questioned the study’s validity. Poole contended that, because the study merely elicited responses from mothers instead of completing medical tests, human error is possible, and the results could be highly flawed.


If you can’t go nine months without your cell phone, but you don’t want to risk harming your infant, you may have a garment-related option at your disposal. As “Discover Magazine” reports, some maternity clothing stores are already prepared to help mothers keep their growing babies safe from this potential problem. Many maternity stores, hip to the challenge of tech-loving moms offer a line of clothing called “Belly Armor,” which purportedly shields the mom’s burgeoning belly from radiation.

Continued Research

With the prevalence of cell phone usage in contemporary society, study into this subject will likely continue. While pregnant mothers may be eager for an answer as to whether their occasional cell phone sessions are doing irreparable harm to their babies, most scientists agree that there simply hasn’t been enough research to say one way or another. Parents should stay tuned for further research before making any decisions regarding their cell phone practices.



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