Anything but Organized for the Holidays


This year I am the least organized I think I have ever been for the holidays. Normally I start brainstorming and searching for ideas early on. I actually find it a lot of fun if I am not stressed trying to do everything last minute. Most years by this time I would have a large dent in my holiday shopping done, and lots of other details planned out. My cards would be signed, addressed, and ready to be mailed.

Christmas 2010 is going to be a little bit different. Holiday shopping? I still need to figure out ideas! Oh dear, and it was only the other day I ordered cards. By the time I receive them, address them; I wonder will they arrive in time? Both my children’s birthdays are close to Christmas. The two years I was pregnant and ready to pop at Christmas I wasn’t nearly as disorganized as I am this year.

Moving has proven to throw me off course much more than being pregnant. Go figure! To get a handle on this year’s holiday season I have given it a new motto: Simple and Special. When it comes down to it, I think simple is special, so now I have really psyched myself up again.

Every time I get overwhelmed I am going to remind myself over and over again: simple and special, simple and special. I think simple and special is going to turn out great and make for an amazing holiday. Cut out the extras and focus on those things most special and important to you and yours.

On a side note, the motto for my children’s fast approaching birthdays is also going to be Simple and Special, but I can’t think about that yet. First I need to focus on the holiday list! Less is more really, don’t you think?

How do you handle the holiday rush? Any tips to keep me afloat?




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