Octomom Checks Into Rehab

Nadya Suleman, known around the world as the “Octomom” has entered rehab for prescription drug addiction.

According to Suleman’s rep, she has been “taking Xanax that was prescribed by her doctor to deal with anxiety, but she felt she needed a treatment program to help with her recovery.”

The 37-year-old will reportedly be in treatment for 28 days “or more if needed.”

So what will happen to her 14 children? Apparently they will stay in the care of three nannies and two of Suleman’s friends. 

Interestingly, one of the nanny told TMZ that’s it’s actually easier to take care of the kids without their mom around “constantly barking orders.”

Suleman made headlines back in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets. The single mom conceived the babies (as well as her six older children) via in vitro fertilization.

In 2012, she filed for bankruptcy and since then, Suleman has been the subject of harsh public criticism for going on welfare as well as her decision to pose topless in a UK magazine in exchange for money to pay her bills.



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