Top Five Celebrity Quotes This Week


From Halle Berry’s words of wisdom on bad career moves to Armie Hammer’s bromance with Johnny Depp…

Here are a few of our favorite celebrity quotes this week:

1. “I was just wondering if you’ve seen the movie The Bodyguard because I love that movie … “

– Ellen DeGeneres

(DeGeneres promised guest Heidi Klum that she woudn’t bring up her personal life or romance with bodyguard Martin Kirsten.)

2. “Obama won the election and I am getting fatter by the day. America has never been luckier.”

- Kristen Bell, tweeting about her growing baby bump.

3. “I braided his hair! That was so nice. We would stay up talking till the sunrise. It was the most magical experience.”

- Armie Hammer jokes about his bromance with Johnny Depp

(The two will co-star in the upcoming big-budget remake of The Lone Ranger.)

4. ” You don’t expect it to be as bad as it is sometimes. Then it comes out, and you think, ‘F–k. That’s what I did?'”

- Halle Berry talks to Chelsea Handler about making movies that flop

5. “She’s probably writing a song about you right now. ‘You’ll Never, Ever, Borrow My Guitar, Ever, Ever, Never Again.'”

- Jimmy Kimmel talking to Nashville star Hayden Panettiere

(Panettiere who borrowed (and has yet to return) a guitar from Taylor Swift.)



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