The Best Bras for Large-Breasted Women


Finding a comfortable, attractive bra that fits and provides the support you need is a challenge for every woman, but it can be much more difficult if you are large breasted. A properly fitting bra can reduce back and neck pain, help your clothing fit well, and may even make you look like you’ve lost weight.

Full Coverage

Full coverage bras are a popular choice for large-busted women. These bras completely enclose the breast, providing ample support. You can opt for unlined full-coverage bras or a molded bra to provide a round shape and increased modesty. Be certain that your full coverage bra fits well. The bra band should be even, snug and horizontal around your ribs, and the center wires should sit flat against your chest. The bra cups should fully encase your breasts without overflow or dimpling. Full coverage bras may show under some types of clothing, making them less versatile if you prefer scoop, V-neck or plunging styles.


Balconette or demi-cup bras may fit some large-busted women better than a full-cup bra. These bras can have a molded cup or an unlined cup, and typically have wide set straps and relatively close-set cups. The balconette style has a shorter underwire and may fit petite women better or be a good choice if you find that full-cup underwires poke or rub your underarms or between your breasts. Balconette bras work under many clothing styles, including most low-cut necklines and may be a sexier option for large-busted women. The top edge of the balconette bra should sit smoothly against your skin without bulging.


Minimizer bras are designed to round and redistribute the breast tissue for large-busted women. Minimizers flatten the breast, moving tissue out toward the underarm, in toward the center, upward on the chest and downward. Typically, a minimizer bra can reduce your bust measurement by as much as 2 inches. Purchase minimizer bras in your usual size, rather than a smaller size. You may find a minimizer helpful if your blouses or dresses gape or fit poorly or you would prefer to de-emphasize your breasts.



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