Activity of the Month: Say My Name, Say My Name


Target Age: Middle four-year old

Materials You Will Need: confetti, glitter, markers, sequins, paper

What To Do:

This activity is designed to help your child understand that children want to be called by their given name only. Write your child’s name in large, elaborate letters, then have your child decorate it. Tell your child the reason you chose the name and how important it is. Tell your child that everyone has a name and that’s what people want to be called.


You may want to post your child’s name creation on his/her bedroom door. You can also explain that some children have nicknames and that is fine, but no one should ever call children names that are not complementary.


Skills Learned:

  • Social Development
  • Self Concept
  • Listening
  • Creative Expression

Activity Category: Exploring our World

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