Suri’s New Look: Super Short Bangs


Our favorite little fashionista Suri Cruise has a new hairdo – and we think it just might be a DIY job.

On Sunday, the nearly 7-year-old was spotted heading to Easter brunch with mom Katie Holmes and she was rocking some super short bangs. Super short, choppy and crooked bangs.  The kind of bangs that can happen when a first grader starts experimenting with scissors.

If you’re a parent, you may have seen this style before.

Now, Suri wouldn’t be the first kid in the world to cut her own hair. It’s a phase tons of kids go through (and it’s why every single grocery store in existence sells those handy little plastic barrettes).

So we decided to get an expert opinion on how something like this can happen.  In the following audio clip, Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3, talk about the “worst haircut ever.” It is basically impossible to listen to their story without cracking up.



You’re welcome.



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