Mommy Time


I had an amazing weekend! I’m usually overly scheduled, sandwiched between 4 kids, or recovering from a long demanding week. This weekend was one of those rare 48 hours that I actually scheduled time to do NOTHING! I don’t often get days to be spontaneous where the mood of the day can dictate its own plan.

My 8-year old asked me if she could spend some alone time with me. That’s easier said than done on the weekends when everyone is home and family time is usually mandatory. But, I am encouraging all my kids to express their needs, and I am trying my best to honor the ones I can. So the two of us snuck out of the house just after breakfast. My other girls shed tears, but I explained that it was an important request for one-on-one mommy time, and I offered to give everyone a special hour of their own.

What was surprising about my time with Sierra is where we spent it and how we interpreted the space together. We went to a beach that I like to call “Crab City.” It’s very close and has a spectacular tide pool where we have discovered many starfish, crabs, and other creatures that always fascinate my kids. It has been a favorite spot for us since we moved to Malibu 5 years ago.

Time has gone by so fast lately, and we’ve all been too busy to do some of the simple things we use to enjoy. Sierra and I held hands, talked, and ran through the water. I saw my daughter in such a different light. It was as if someone had turned a light switch inside of her. She was happy and excited to point out everything she saw. Because of the high tide, the rocks that make up Crab City were buried beneath the ocean. The familiar spot that we frequented so many times was like a newly found beach to explore. She was animated and full of an energy I had not seen in some time. As I rung out every moment of our hour together, I realized that I too was looking at this familiar beach differently that day. We stepped away from our norm, quieted the noise, and just plain connected. It was so meaningful to her and special for me. I had a glimpse of guilt that I had not thought of this sooner, but I know how often my children know better than I. Just 1 hour out of a day off to spend making her feel special and important… I was so grateful for her idea, and the time we shared together.

Sierra had so much fun that she asked if we could go home, get her brother and sisters and bring them back there so they could enjoy too. It was a HUGE moment for me, and for us, and one that I will hold on to for a while. By trying to fulfill my daughter’s needs, some of my own were met. All it took was I really listening to her and making the time to give.

I may have to rotate weekends, but we decided to honor an hour of “mommy time” for everyone. I wonder if that means David and I can take a turn too…



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