Sandra Oh Is Leaving Grey’s Anatomy


Say it isn’t so!

Sandra Oh is hanging up her scrubs and leaving Grey’s Anatomy after the upcoming (10th) season.

Oh, who plays tough as nails surgeon Dr. Cristina Yang, has been on the show since its debut in 2005.

“Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“It was an emotional and deeply creative decision for me and I feel fully supported by Shonda [Rhimes, the show's creator and executive producer] and the writers,” the 42-year-old actress said in a statement.

“It’s so rare in an actor’s life to be able to explore and grow a character so fully, so completely. I am profoundly grateful to everyone at GA for the opportunity.”

The show’s creator Shonda Rimes added:

” This year is going to be bittersweet for us – we’re both going to savor every moment of Cristina Yang and then we’re going to give her the exit she deserves.”

Oh won a Golden Globe in 2006 for the role and has long been a fan favorite. She’s one of the “core cast members” along with Patrick Dempsey (Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd), Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Justin Chambers (Alex), James Pickens Jr. (Webber) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey.

All of their contracts will expire at the end of the coming season, calling the future of the show into question.

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