Interview 4 Inspiration – Caitlin Boyle of Operation Beautiful


Interview 4 Inspiration is a new series on Give Love Create Happiness.  Here you will find a series of questions answered by inspirational people.  People who have inspired me in one way or another, either through knowing them personally or through their work.   I believe people are the best sources of inspiration; therefore it gives me great pleasure to share a little more about them with you in a series of questions.

Today, I am very excited to share with you Caitlin Boyle of Operation Beautiful!  Caitlin is changing the world one note at a time, and redefining our definition of beauty.  Her positive message is spreading like wild fire, and you can catch clips of this inspirational woman everywhere from The Today Show, Fox News Talk, and in a new segment coming soon on the Oprah Winfrey Network “The Swell”.  To see more of the Press surrounding this wonderful movement visit

It gives me great pleasure to now say…

Please Welcome, Caitlin Boyle!

 Interview 4 Inspiration – Caitlin Boyle of Operation Beautiful

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Name – Caitlin Boyle

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I am 26 years old and live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and two dogs.  I went to the University of Pittsburgh from 2002-2006 and when I graduated, I worked in urban planning.  I didn’t really like my job so I began to blog about healthy living at before and after work.  From that site grew the movement and now I’m a full-time author, speaker, and blogger.

What are you currently focusing your energy on in your life?
Most of my time is spent working on the Operation Beautiful site and blogging three times a day at Healthy Tipping Point.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I wake up around 7 AM or 8 AM and cook a healthy breakfast, which I then post to Healthy Tipping Point.  I then post on Operation Beautiful; answer emails, and respond to comments.  I also frequently do media work for Operation Beautiful.  I try to run five times a week because I’m training for a marathon.  I usually work on the blogs and do some freelance writing until 8 or 9 at night. 
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What are your favorite family or solo activities?
My favourite activities include running, writing, cooking, and laying on the beach!

When you hear the word happiness what is the first thing that comes to mind?
An Operation Beautiful note! It’s amazing to me how much one little Post-It note can positively impact a person’s outlook. 

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What makes you beautiful?
My dedication to helping others makes me beautiful.  I think it’s high time our society looks internally when considering what beautiful means.  Beauty is kindness, love, and generosity!

What was a favorite activity of yours as a child?
I was really into Drama class as a kid!

If you could get paid to do anything what would it be?
Exactly what I’m doing now! I wouldn’t change a thing.

What is one area of your life you would like to improve?
I wish there were more hours in the day.  I have so many goals that I’d like to achieve, and I’d love to have more free time for my husband.

What is one responsibility you would love for someone else to take over?
Cleaning the house!

Celebrating in life can bring so much joy!  Do you have a favorite holiday you celebrate?
I think Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.  It’s been a bit different recently because my husband and I are now vegetarian but it’s still so much to bake with our friends and family.

What is one life lesson you have learned and would like to share with others?
Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Think about if something will matter in a year if you feel yourself beginning to freak out.

How can others best give you support?
By spreading the positive Operation Beautiful message, posting notes, taking pictures, and e-mailing the notes to me at 

To get a better understanding of how Operation Beautiful works and how you too can participate, watch this video clip from Oprah Winfrey’s Network ‘The Swell’.

Thank you Caitlin for sharing and for spreading your wonderful message with the world, one post it note at a time! Have a great Friday and weekend friends! 

*The Operation Beautiful book is in stores now!  Visit for more information.

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