Spring Makeup: In Full Bloom


This season, color is in full bloom… Just like a beautiful Spring garden, there are a variety of colors to pick: Plums, organic greens, earthy browns, exotic golds and bronzes, lavender, lilac, shades of dark and light blue, coral and even yellow! All these colors will help create a pallet that is fresh, soft and pretty for your Spring look.

Create a soft colorful eye by choosing a lighter shade of shadow. Try a sea-foam green or a golden shade. Apply a wash of color all over your entire eyelid. Press the color on with a flat hair shadow brush. Add a couple coats of mascara, a little under eye concealer, and some tawney colored powder (which is a must-have from my signature line) all over the entire face. Top it off with a tint of a coral or watermelon shade of lipstick or gloss.

Vamp up your look with more dramatic colors. Choose a deep plum or a purple shade for the crease of the eye. Highlight with a lilac colored shadow or any shade of pink.Try some vibrant pinks like a fuchsia shade. Add some heavier eyeliner and extra mascara to make the eyes pop! It is always fun to try some colorful shades of mascara for even more color.

Tip: To get a nice curl in your lashes, warm up your eyelash curler with a blast of medium/hot air from your blow dryer. Hold the lash curler approximately 3 inches away for around 20 seconds. Let cool for 15 seconds, then curl.

Cheeks are brighter this season. Think coral shades and brighter pinks to highlight and define the face. Cream blushers work really well for this look. Finish with eye catching lips in fuchsia or a watermelon shade. Or tone it down with a neutral choice.

Tip: Add some flower-power hues to your Spring wardrobe as well. Enjoy the energy and up-lifting mood color gives us.

Happy Spring! 



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