How to Shop for Pregnancy Clothes


The body changes that accompany pregnancy often provide a convenient opportunity to clothing shop. As your baby makes his presence known and your once taunt tummy expands into a rotund orb blocking your view of your toes, you will need to replace your current favorite clothes with items better suited to your new body. To ensure that you get the most bang for your buck and properly fill your closet with pieces to get you through your pregnancy, be prepared when heading out on your maternity clothing shopping expedition.

Step 1

Consider your clothing needs before venturing out. Make a list what you wear in your everyday life. For many moms, this list will include sleepwear, casual wear and workplace-appropriate garb. When shopping, visualize where you will wear each piece to ensure that you have garments appropriate for each of your dressing needs. You don’t want to find yourself venturing to work in sweat pants around your seventh month of pregnancy!

Step 2

Buy staples. Your maternity clothing wardrobe does not need to rival your standard clothing stash. Instead of investing a small fortune in stocking your closet with maternity pieces, select items that can fill multiple purposes. A white blouse can be dressed up or down with accessories, while a pair of black pants or leggings that will take you from the coffee shop to the board room to the theater.

Step 3

Stock up on undergarments. Many women first notice growth is in their chest, making the purchasing of new bras an absolute necessity. And as your belly follows suit, those favorite panties of yours will likely stop fitting as well. Don’t forget about these underwear needs when shopping — the lack of proper undergarments can leave a pregnant woman feeling less than attractive. If you plan to breastfeed, consider buying nursing bras instead of standard bras so that you can continue to wear them after the baby comes.

Step 4

Seek stretch fabrics. Restrictive clothing is the enemy when you are pregnant because it does not allow room for growth. Instead of buying pieces that don’t stretch and will only fit you for a few months, stock up on pieces with give, at least over your soon-to-be-blossoming belly, to make your wardrobe work for the entire nine-month period. For example, instead of restrictive, denim-only jeans, buy a pair of maternity jeans with a stretch cotton panel that will rest comfortably on your belly no matter how large it may get.

Step 5

Try things on. Instead of just assuming something is going to fit, visit the dressing room. Many maternity stores offer attachable bellies, allowing you to see how the garments you select will look later down the line — and to take a glimpse into your future.

Step 6

Measure yourself if you are shopping online. Since you can’t try on online purchases, you must let the measuring tape do the work. By taking time to measure yourself and ordering accordingly, you can reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to return some of your finds.

Step 7

Get a little help from your friends. Make maternity clothes shopping fun by allowing your best friend to get in on the action. With her help, you can fill your closet with useful and attractive maternity pieces in no time.



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