The Gift of Time Thru Tech


When I consult with people about starting a new business, I have to giggle at the old excuses…”Don’t have the time or the money.” If you truly have a passion for your new project, you will find the time and it may cost a lot less than you think, too. With technology these days, you can utilize almost every minute of what used to be wasted downtime.

As busy moms, we find ourselves waiting in the car or the local coffee spot while our kids are at practice or a music lesson. If you really want to start something new, just take that downtime that used to be kinda wasted, and get online and research or connect via social media. I’m not very tech savvy yet, but I’m so into learning about everything out there to make my time more efficient (and research and social media networking are FREE!)

Recently I was given an HP mini and I absoutely love it. I throw it (gently!) in my bag everyday now, because I usually find myelf sitting in the car at some point and it makes it easy be productive. I can write blogs on it, check email and social media accounts and the size and keyboard makes it a Biz BFF tool! It’s light and portable and has terrific battery life. With it in my bag, I feel confident that I will make the most of my “schlepping” time.

I also love eVoice technology, because my voicemails come into my blackberry as text messages, so I can scroll through my voicemails easily and not have to listen to all of them to get to the last one. I utilize that waiting time to return phone calls as well. Technology has truly given us the gift of time!

Now…there’s no more excuses.



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