Dealing with Insomnia During Pregnancy


If you are pregnant, then most likely sleepless and restless nights have become the new normal for you.

Some say it’s preparing you for the interrupted sleepless nights to come after your baby is born. But whatever the reason, it can be frustrating and exhausting not to be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Here are some holistic remedies I have gathered up over the years and have shared with all my clients:

1. No coffee, tea or chocolate after 12 pm in the afternoon.

2. Get lots of fresh air.

3. Get plenty of exercise – a physically tired body sleeps more soundly.

4. Don’t eat large meals late at night .

5. An over-active mind can result in insomnia. Keep a “ to do “ and / or journal by the side of your bed. By writing out all that you have to do – your excitement or fears of birth and all the changes that are happening in your life – you will  be moving  it out of your head and body and on to the paper. Most of the time you will find that it is so much bigger when it’s in your head. So write away!!!!

6. Limit fluid intake a few hours before bed.

7. Take a relaxing warm bath before bed with calming oils such as chamomile or lavender.

8. You can also diffuse in the air or put a few drops on your pillow. I sometimes put in a humidifier.

9. Avoid daytime naps.

10. Try a warm glass of organic milk before bed.

11. Chamomile tea or catnip tea.

12. Eat a high protein snack before bed. ( ex: hormone-free turkey and a warm glass of  organic milk.)    

13. Natural calm-powered drink before bed ( available at all health food stores). Get the one with added calcium.

14. Take 50 mg of vitamin B6.

15. Get a relaxing massage

16. Restorative or yin yoga ( if you can’t find a class then check out online, many places stream great classes).

17. Breath work – just by doing some slow deep breathing can clam your whole being . Try breathing in thru your nose for the count of 4 and slowly breathing out the nose for the count of 4 .. do a few rounds .. the slower you breathe the calmer your energy will become .

18. Don’t watch the news or anything fear-based before going to bed . What you do right before you go to sleep stays with you in your subconscious. The news is filled with negativity and creates fear which in turn will disrupt your sleep. I remember years ago I read a study that found people that watch the news before bed had 80% or more fear and insomnia then people who didn’t. I get online in the late morning and look at the headlines and only read what I want to. This helps filter out the negativity .

On this same note, the Internet is a wonderful tool to access amazing info; but if you look for something to worry about you will definitely find it on there. Limit your time searching for what could go wrong with your pregnancy. Remember 99% of the things you worry about NEVER happen. 





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