How to Wear Contact Lenses Correctly


Contact lenses free you from glasses, which makes exercise and even chasing after kids easier. They’re worn right against your eye, so as you can imagine, they have the potential to damage your eyes or cause serious infection if you don’t wear and handle them correctly. Once you get the process down and make it a habit, it only takes you a few minutes per day to care for your contacts and to keep your eyes safe.

Step 1

Wash your hands each time you plan to handle your contacts. Even if your hands look clean, they could be harboring microscopic bacteria that could lead to an eye infection.

Step 2

Read the instructions for your particular type of contacts to find out how long you’re supposed to wear them. Some contacts are two-week disposables. Some are daily or monthly disposables. Never wear your contacts longer than recommended, even if they appear to be wearable, because as the materials break down, the lenses may harbor bacteria, scratch your eye or not hold true to their prescription.

Step 3

Check your contact lenses before you put them in to make sure you’re not putting them in backward. Look for a perfect half-sphere instead of a slight cone-shape. Inspect the lens for lint and debris, which will irritate your eye.

Step 4

Sleep in your contacts only if it’s recommended for your brand and your doctor recommends it. Your eyes move rapidly during sleep and some contacts aren’t designed to be safe during sleep. Sleeping in contacts can also increase infection risk.

Step 5

Clean your contact lenses with solution as your doctor recommends and your brand requires by either soaking them or rubbing them gently with your fingers. Use only approved contact solution. Never store or clean your contacts in water. Water contains bacteria, trace minerals and trace sediments. Change your storage case monthly.



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