How to Help a Friend Lose Weight
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How to Help a Friend Lose Weight

Weight loss can be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging sometimes. When you have a good support system, the task seems much more doable. If you have a friend who also needs to lose weight, your powers combined could yield results you couldn’t achieve on your own. If you don’t need to lose weight, serving as a part of your friend’s support system can be a rewarding experience that helps bring you closer together.

Step 1

Join a gym together. Pick times you can work out together and hold each other accountable for keeping your workout dates. Offer motivation and encouragement during each workout.

Step 2

Share recipes and shop together. Assign each other different nights of the week and make double batches of your healthy recipes on those nights to share with each other. Cook together for fun if it’s more convenient.

Step 3

Pick social activities that also encourage weight loss so even when you’re just hanging out, you’re burning calories. Try ice skating, hiking or a dip in the pool followed by a healthy dinner.

Step 4

Check in with your friend often and offer a listening ear. Losing weight can be difficult. Sometimes, a call from a friend can make the difference between a healthy meal and a trip to the drive-thru. Remind your friend of her successes often.

Step 5

Choose a joint fitness goal you can work toward together, like a half marathon. Create a training schedule and work together to meet your goal. Once you meet that goal, choose another, more challenging one.

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