Following Your Intuition – Your True Guide to Happiness!


A few weeks ago I was reading the article- The Evolution of Our Viewpoints on Think Choose Live . The article was about staying open and allowing ourselves to change our mind, or our beliefs. The article reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. Of course, it wasn’t always one of my favorite quotes, because I used to know everything. Now I don’t.

“The older I get, the less I know.”

With each year that passes I realize I know less and less. In fact, so much of life is a big question mark. Our only guide is our intuition, or gut.

This realization has heightened my appreciation for Me Time– for taking time to get quiet and still. I find it is the only way to turn the noise of the world off, and listen to my inner voice.

Realizing that what you actual know is infinitely small compared to the unknown of the universe makes you much less judgemental. You begin to understand that no one really has all the answers, and that all we do have is our intuition. If we are all just listening to our gut it doesn’t make people right or wrong, and so you judge others less because what one person’s gut tells them will often be different than another’s.

We each have our own journey. Our own path. Not judging means letting go of control and accepting you don’t know what anyone else should be doing. Only they do! So why judge?

It may sound odd, but knowing less is much more peaceful. If I had figured it out sooner I wouldn’t have known how to be the perfect parent before I had kids! At least now in the state of unknowing it makes it a lot easier not to care what others think or say when I’m following the only guide there is- my inner voice.





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