How to Build Your Own Mother Ring


A mother’s ring is a piece of jewelry that incorporates the birthstone of each of child and, sometimes, grandchildren. Instead of buying a ring that has already been designed by someone else, you can build your own mother’s ring, creating a special token of love.

Step 1

Make a list of each child’s birthday that will be included in the mother’s ring. Decide if you are going to include strictly biological children or include grandchildren, stepchildren and surrogate children.

Step 2

Find a birthstone chart. Write down the birthstone choices next to each child’s name.

Step 3

Cut a small circle out of each piece of colored paper to represent the color of the various stones. If you have more than one child represented by emerald, cut out one for each child so you can use them all.

Step 4

Go to a website that specializes in creating custom jewelry, such as Kranich’s Jewelers and Zales Jewelers. Decide whether you want to have a contemporary modern design or a traditional setting for the ring you are going to build. These and other websites can provide hundreds of photographs of available settings to choose from. Write down the site, description and price of each setting that you like. Before leaving the website, make a small sketch of each setting that you like on a piece of plain white paper.

Step 5

Use the cut-out colored circles to experiment with different stone combinations in the sketches you made. You might want to line the stones up from oldest to youngest. Grouping the boys’ stones together and the girls’ stones together can give you a different design. Look at the colors and see how they look next to each other. If needed, you can rearrange them so they are more pleasing to the eye, even if it means changing the order.

Step 6

Select a setting you like. Return to the site to place the order. Check shipping and handling to ensure it will arrive on time. Place the order. Be sure to double-check everything you enter for accuracy. Add the credit card information or call customer service to provide payment over the phone. Write down or print order confirmation number for your records and tracking purposes.



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