Moms Need Vacations Too


Goodbye to those spontaneous weekend trips with the girls and hello to bottles, diapers and taking care of the kids. Being a mom is a gift and spending time with your kids is definitely priority number 1. But this new life doesn’t mean the vacations all must end. Summer is a great time for a getaway with […]

Tasty Snacks Without The Guilt


Snacking is a pivotal time of day – it can provide you with energy or can result in tons of empty calories. Here are some delicious snacks that won’t leave you feeling too guilty (unless you eat the whole bag…) iPS iPS is a delicious crunchy chip made with corn, egg whites, and other all […]

Melissa Joan Hart Speaks Out About Haters


There’s been a lot of talk about moms judging moms and parents under scrutiny for how they raise their children, and that’s no different for celebrities. They are constantly looked at through the public eye and their parenting choices are publicly discussed. Well, actress Melissa Joan Hart is saying no more! The Melissa and Joey […]

Hilary Duff Makes A Mama Splash On Instagram


Celebrity Mom Hilary Duff has used instagram as a way to motivate her fellow moms. Duff posted a selfie in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie black bikini. The actress, who has a son name Luca, addressed all moms with a body-positive caption: “Hey #moms #westillgotit ❤ #loveyourbod” Since the birth of her son, Duff has […]