Moms Need Vacations Too
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Moms Need Vacations Too

Goodbye to those spontaneous weekend trips with the girls and hello to bottles, diapers and taking care of the kids. Being a mom is a gift and spending time with your kids is definitely priority number 1. But this new life doesn’t mean the vacations all must end. Summer is a great time for a getaway with your girlfriends or your hubby. We know it’s super hard to leave your little cuties and sometimes just thinking about organizing their schedules can make you want to not even bother, but honestly, make it happen, it’s worth it.

Here are some ideas for making this actually doable:

  1. No need to pick a fancy location or an expensive hotel. The point is to spend one night or weekend outside of your house where you won’t be woken up by a little visitor crawling into your bed or cries from the other room. You can sleep as much as you want and wake up when you want. Sounds dreamy, right? You’ll feel like a brand new woman.
  1. Choose a location where you can walk to restaurants and shops. Don’t spend your limited time driving to far off sites. The point of this trip is to relax and enjoy yourself. Go out for a nice dinner and order a bottle of wine. Try a new dish and enjoy eating your dinner while it’s still hot with no distractions.
  1. Take a trip to the beach: Some warm weather and sun will do wonders for your relaxation. If you get a big group together you can rent a house and actually save money on meals, etc.
  1. Spa days and pampering: Get the gals together and head to a spa for a day of being treated like a queen. Spas are everywhere so if going away for a weekend just isn’t an option; a day trip to the spa can feel like a mini vacation. Get your nails done, have a massage and enjoy sipping on some sweet cucumber water while you relax in peace.
  1. Wine tours: Wine tours are always fun. If you have a little money to spend, rent a party bus and get dressed up. You’ll get the chance to experience new tastes and the scenery is beautiful. The food will be good, the environment will be peaceful and you will have a day worth remembering.

Traveling is a beautiful part of life and just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean all those experiences stop. There are group retreats for women, vacation spots for moms and if leaving the family home just isn’t ideal, there are vacation spots for the whole family.

So get yourself a jar. Paint, decorate it, do whatever you have to do to make it stand out. Now start throwing your loose change and dollar bills in that during the week. If loose change isn’t enough, set a plan. Every week add $10 or whatever you feel is right.

Start saving, dreaming and planning. You can do this. The opportunities are endless.

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