Conquering the Chaos of Divorce


The majestic owl, known for his wisdom, sits high above the chaos perched on a branch watching the world as he soaks in what everyone else is to busy to notice.Divorce is chaotic, and it’s easy to get swept up in the day to day challenges. Life passes by, and many important moments get missed.

Parenting 101 for Divorcing Couples


When divorcing couples are asked what they consider to be their greatest gift from their marriage, the answer is almost always unanimously my children. Additionally, most divorcing parents will tell you that their children are their greatest concern, and their number one priority.

Becoming Stronger Through Divorce


The effects of divorce are profound. Not unlike death or a life threatening illness, divorce pushes the boundaries of what most people think they can tolerate in terms of emotional struggle. While life greatest challenges seem unbearable when they are happening, research shows that there may be benefits to building your adversity muscles.

The Evolution of Marriage?


In this day in age, when everything in the world seems to be changing and evolving- from the economy, to the environment, to the boom of the internet world- it’s only fitting that the institution of marriage should be changing as well. In a recent Times article, a few interesting and thought provoking questions were posed: Who needs marriage? What is marriage for, and for whom? And finally, Is it obsolete?

Turning Your Divorce HALVES Into HAVES


Divorce is all about halves so its not surprising that we say thatpeople split up, or that the word divorce is rooted in divide. Withdivorce everything you thought was whole is now half. Finances,assets, kids, friends, and your sense of self are just a few of theways you can feel halved with your divorce.

From Breakup to Marriage- Will It Last?


The airwaves are saturated with the storybook fantasy of BritainsPrince William to Kate Middleton. Their fairytale romance is a lightof hope in a world where the divorce rate stays steady. One of thequestions on nearly every divorced persons mind when they read aboutPrince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement is will it last?