Picture This – Revamping School Photos


School is well underway and school pictures are just around the corner. The good, bad, ugly and awkward. In the digital age of parenthood, are you still buying them? Today’s school photographers offer retouching and retaking options as an attempt to retain your business. But even those extras come under fire. In the age of […]

Insta-perfect Motherhood


I read an article recently about the rise of moms made famous by Instagram. These women have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers in the photo-sharing platform and depict an aesthetically pleasing side of their personal motherhood that Instagram users flock to. (And in some cases, they’re making a great living off of those […]

About Those New Year’s Resolutions…


It’s the last day of February. Are you still following your new year’s resolutions? I tend to make the same resolutions every year: have better posture, eat more whole foods, and be more present. And related to the last one… put the screen down. It’s the worst when my child says to me, “Mom, put […]

He Said, She Said: Helpfulness At Home


It’s January and in my job helping brands market to you, that means it’s time for experts to announce what the “new” marketing-to-moms trends will be for the new year. And every year for the past several, the “new” thing has been the same “old” thing: dads. A lot of chatter in the marketing-to-moms space […]

Why Mother’s Day Is Marketed To Moms


It’s almost our day, moms. Can you feel it? If you have turned on the TV or logged on to a social media network this week, you probably can. Mother’s Day is upon us and it’s a big deal not just for moms, but retailers. So if Mom is supposed to be queen of the […]

The C Word – Let’s Talk About Coupons

Let’s talk about coupons.

When is the last time you gave serious thought to the subject of these little money-saving pieces of paper? To me, there is something strangely nostalgic about coupons, as the one marketing tactic my mother and her mother may have seen in the weekly circular, clipped with scissors and filed away in their purses. And here I am, two generations later, sorting through the mail and stuffing a couple of …

When Girl-Power Marketing Accidentally Does the Opposite


A few weeks ago, start-up toy company GoldieBlox posted this video and the interwebz exploded, as they say.And at first, all caught up in the cuteness of the three little actresses and the cleverness of the way the brand altered the lyrics to Beastie Boys song Girls to accompany this spot (apparently without the Boys permission, but thats not the point), I got excited watching it.And then like a mosquito bite on …

Buy, Baby, Buy: How Did You Decide What To Purchase?


On the heels of my third maternity leave and re-entry to my day job marketing products to moms, I find myself consciously evaluating the new baby brands and products in my own home – the things that have become part of my daily routine (and sanity!). The baby products market is a $6 billion industry so why did I choose these particular items?