20 Fun Facts About Twins


These days, it seems every time you turn around there’s another double stroller rolling down the street. Think about it – how many sets of twins do you know? Multiple births are on the rise, and two babies means double the fun but also twice the worry!

How To Stop Stress Eating


Conscious eating is about being aware of the things you are putting into your body. You want to eat a diet that FEEDS your body. So ask yourself is the food that I am putting in my body fueling me or is it feeding my emotions. A lot of times we eat to stuff down our feelings, comfort our anxiety or to fill a void in our lives. To better understand STRESS eating is to first to become aware of what you are doing, acknowledge when and why and then make a conscious effort to stop.

I Loved You Before You Were Born


I saw the sweetest thing between a mother and a child once when I was visiting with an old client of mine. It was time for her daughter to go to sleep and the mother (my client) asked her daughter what story she wanted before bed. The little girl promptly replied, I want to hear the story about how I was born.” My client scooped her daughter in her arms and began to tell this amazing tale about how this fabulous little being came to be here.

How to Survive Bed Rest

bed rest

I was working with my awesome client Laura the other day, who is 28 weeks pregnant with twins. About five weeks ago, her cervix started to dilate and she had to have it sewn up. This left her bed-bound for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Your Skin


For about 15 + years I have religiously been going to see Dayle Breault, the famous Goddess of Skin for my facials. (I say facials, but its so much more then just that.) Her treatments are a whole facial experience like nothing you have ever had before!!!