Fall Fashion Obsessions


I know it’s hard to imagine that in the middle of this hundred-degree weather I could possibly be thinking about fall clothing, but I am and I am OBSESSED! It all started yesterday when I walked into Michael Nussken (my favorite local boutique) to let them know I just wore all of my fabulous summer pieces on my AMAZING girl’s trip to Capri…and there it was, a rolling rack full of Isabel Marant Fall. To top it off, it just had arrived! It was like crack, and I got first dibs!

I tried to stay calm and I remind myself I wasn’t there to shop, I was just there to let them know how great I felt in the sassy essentials they thankfully convinced me to buy for my Italian island adventure. I tried to ignore the rack, but even my strong discipline was no match for these amazing pieces, so rich in color, texture and design. Within minutes, Wakim (the shop owner, and everyone’s best style buddy) had a room locked and loaded with an arsenal of fall shoes, jackets, dresses and skirts all for me. Then he said his magic words,  “Oh love, you don’t have to buy, just try them on. You always know how to make the clothes come to life!” So as a duty to my industry and for what I call “fashion research”, I entered my doorway to fall and I will never be the same!

The biggest trend of the season is by far the introduction of deep bright color.

 The return of beauty and glamour has given birth to the “power dress”.

Colored leather and knitwear took over the runways and lit a spark in my heart.

Maxi skirts and dresses continue to be a major staple for this fall season. Get inspired by some of my favorites…

And my favorite part of Fall…JACKETS!!!!!

So ladies, if I can give you one bit of advice for fall: buy color, buy texture, and buy pieces that make you feel fun and feminine. This season has so much to offer in design and richness, and it really is the return to glamour and the celebration of woman!



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