Fertility Herbs for Women


Many women who struggle with infertility are willing to try almost anything if the attempts result in a baby in their arms. For some women, experimentation with herbs may aid in a subsequent pregnancy. While little research backs many herbal fertility enhancement claims, some proud moms swear by the effectiveness of these natural compounds. If you do attempt to ramp up your fertility with the aid of herbs, take care to avoid mixing your herbal remedies with other medications, including prescribed fertility drugs, as doing so could produce a negative result.

Evening Primrose Oil

Along with containing brain-boosting fatty acids, evening primrose oil is thought to increase cervical fluid, which may boost fertility. As BabyHopes.com reports, women looking to reap fertility benefits from evening primrose oil should take this herb from menstruation to ovulation, then stop after ovulation.

Dong Quai

Dong quai is a Chinese herb that has long been touted as offering health benefits. This herb may help balance estrogen in the body, which can in turn regulate menstrual cycles, reports Ovulation-Calculator.com. This herb is thought to enhance fertility by improving the chances of implantation. Because dong quai has blood-thinning properties, women should avoid taking it during their menstrual cycles.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf may help strengthen your uterine lining, reports BabyHopes.com. Believers in this medicinal herb argue that this strengthened uterine lining can increase the length of your luteal phase, or the phase during which your egg can become fertilized and implant in the uterus.

Wild Yam

To effectively take wild yam for fertility, you must be keenly aware of your body’s cycle. As Ovulation-Calculator.com reports, this herb, similar to red raspberry leaf, is thought to lengthen the luteal phase as it may increase progesterone levels. As such, you must take this herb only after ovulation has occurred as it may prevent ovulation if taken earlier in your cycle.



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