Styles For Long Hair With Short Layers


Layers can give your long hair movement, shape and style. If you have short layers in your long hair, additional styling effort can help them look their best. You can wear long, layered hair up or down, depending upon the occasion. Go straight for drama, or opt for soft waves and curls for a more romantic, long, layered look.

Long and Loose

If you want to wear your hair down, blow it dry with a paddle brush or round brush. A paddle brush can work well for straight looks, while a round brush will add a bend or curl to your layers. Use lightweight products designed for your final look if your hair is fine to medium, or heavier products for thick or coarse hair. Hot rollers, a curling iron or a flat iron can be used to add texture. Use your flat iron to create waves, curls or straight looks, depending on your preferences.

Casual Up-dos

Casual up-dos are a quick and easy alternative for bad hair days or anytime you want your hair out of your face. Ponytails are a classic choice, whether worn high or low. Use French braids, twists or a headband to keep your layers neat and tucked in when your hair is up in a ponytail or braid, or allow the layers near your face to hang loose and frame your eyes. Create a contemporary, messier look by quickly twirling and pinning sections of hair up in loose coils for a playful and beach-ready up-do.

All Dressed Up

Set your hair on hot rollers or curl it with a curling iron before pinning it up into a formal up-do. The curls will soften the look and create soft tendrils when your layers escape. Hold your hair at the nape of the neck or the side of your head and twist into a simple bun, then pin. Touch up curls as necessary on loose pieces. As an alternative, sweep your hair up into a French twist and pin into place. Keep the look soft to add romance to your evening hairstyle.



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