Cute Toddler Girl Hairstyles


Toddler girls’ hair can range from long and thick to short and baby fine, but keeping it looking neat and cute can be quite a challenge. Many little girls don’t want to keep clips or headbands in place and may not tolerate complicated styles. Others simply don’t have much hair. Try these styles to make your little one look her best for playtime or dressy occasions.


Hairstyles for little girls fall into three broad categories. Pixie cuts are typically above the ear, cropped short in the back, and have bangs. These are easy-care cuts with limited maintenance. Bobs range from ear length to near-shoulder length. They may have bangs or not, and can be angled toward the front or the back of the head. Long hair is just that, with bangs or layers if desired.


Hair bows, flowers, barrettes and headbands can add style to her hair and keep it neat. Look for soft hairbands or no-slip barrettes for baby-fine hair, or opt for more secure hair clips if she has thick hair. Keep choking hazards in mind, and skip the tiny clippies or barrettes if she removes them or won’t leave them alone. If she’s reluctant to wear hair accessories, try placing the accessory into her hair, then distracting her with games or songs for a few minutes until she forgets it’s there, or let her help you choose her favorites. Large clips or scrunchies with animal decorations, stars, rainbows or glitter can catch a toddler’s interest and turn her into a mini fashionista.

Quick and Easy Styles

Toddlers aren’t known for their patience. Opt for easy styles for every day. Spritz her hair with a leave-in conditioner and detangling spray to reduce pulling and knots; then brush out. Classic ponytails, pigtails or a basic three-strand braid will stay neat and take only minutes if she has long hair. Pigtails can work if her hair is not quite long enough for a ponytail. Keep short hair out of her face with a pair of barrettes, or cut bangs to speed up morning hairstyling.

Dressy Styles

If she’s willing to sit to have her hair done, play with more complex styles on dressier occasions. French braids, twists and buns all work well if she has long, thick hair. Style shorter fine hair by twisting it along the scalp and securing with tiny, clear ponytail holders, then adding a flower or another accessory. If you do want to add curl, use braids or foam rollers rather than a curling iron on her delicate hair.

The Scissor Mishap

Many parents experience the horror of finding their little darling with scissors in hand and hair on the floor at some point. Once you’ve calmed down, consider a cute pixie cut if she’s cut the back or sides of her hair. Barrettes can make her hairstyle a bit girlier as it grows out. If she’s cut her bangs, invest in wide headbands to hide the growing-out tufts.



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