Unleash Your Inner Artist


Today was a beautiful day here in Sedona and great to take some time to get out of my head. As I walked along humming a new little tune, I let go of the flurry of thoughts that had been running through my mind about different projects I’ve had in the works. (Yes, even I can sometimes over-think things! We’re all human, right?) It felt amazing to be in the moment and feel creatively inspired. As I was getting ready for bed, I thought about the impact that songwriting and music has had on my life. Not only has it inspired and motivated me, but it’s also served as a conduit for my intuitive abilities.

When is the last time you did something creative? We’re all born with innate creative abilities, but somewhere along the way, many of us have forgotten how to use our imagination. Our culture also tends to emphasize rationality, which leaves us thinking that creative endeavors are a waste of time. But they aren’t!!! Thinking outside the box puts you on a path to success and purpose in all areas of your life. It takes you out of yourself and into the realm of possibilities and the All That Is. And  it unleashes the power of your intuition.

Whether you consider yourself a highly creative person or not, it’s possible for all of us to be more creative if we take time to nurture that part of ourselves. There are so many ways to tap into your creativity. In addition to art, music, dance, and writing- small things like just doing something new or taking some time in nature help connect you to your creative abilities. Even playing with kids or doodling enhances creativity and intuition!

Remember, that creativity is a process. It’s not about being good at something or about the end result. It’s about living in the moment and opening yourself to your higher self.


First, do something this week to unleash your inner artist! It could be painting a picture, writing a poem, making a card for someone, taking some photos, composing a song, or playing a new tune on a guitar. Get some crayons and a coloring book! You also might think about just trying something new or going to an inspirational place like a museum or national park.

And here’s another creative exercise to really help you connect to your intuition. Get some paper and something to write or draw with, such as crayons or pencils. Think of a question you want guidance on. Then close your eyes and take a few minutes to clear your mind and get centered. (Even better, take some time to meditate.) Next, draw whatever comes to mind. Let your higher self guide you – no editing by your rational mind!

When you’re finished, look at your picture. What guidance is your intuition giving you through your picture? In Messages From Spirit, I wrote an extensive chapter on the meaning of symbols and sacred sign-bearers. So, feel free to check that out for guidance, but be sure to use your intuition first!

What do you do to tap into your creativity? What message did you get from doing the creative exercise? Be sure to tell us. Remember we all learn from one another! And be young, no matter how old you are.



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