Closet Organization for Couples


It’s a new year, so why not tackle some of the clutter in your house?

Closets are common trouble spots, and things get especially tricky if you’re sharing the space with your hubby.

To relieve some of the stress, check out some of these tips for successful closet co-habitation:

Making The Split

Ladies, you get 60%, men, you get the other 40%. In order to make this work, give your man the hall closet to store his large items, such as jackets and suits.

Keep It Fresh

Girls, if your spouse stores his stinky gym shoes in the closet, add lavender sachets to your hangers to keep your clothes smelling sweet.

Put It Away

Have a “no clothes on the floor” rule. If your man’s clothes are on the closet floor for more than 24 hours, he has to give you a ten-minute foot massage.


Since women like to display their shoes, add a shoe rack on the back of the closet door and have him use the closet floor.

Small closet? Remove all accessories -they take up a lot of space! An easy way to store these is in a flat, plastic bin under the bed.



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