Just Say NO! Yes, I’m Talking To All The People Pleasers


Repeat after me: Just say no. Just say no. Just say no. I’m not sure when I realized that I was a total people pleaser. It might have been in second grade when I became the teacher’s pet. Or maybe in college when I just couldn’t stand to have anybody be angry with me. Or when, after overextending myself AGAIN recently, my husband informed me that it was time to become friends with the word NO.

Diet Tips for Winter


When hot summer nights turn to fall, more revealing clothing can tempt you to not follow your diet. However, when those winter months are finished, you may find yourself wondering what in the world you were thinking. You can maintain your healthy figure throughout the winter months by following some easy winter diet tips.

6 Ways to Save Money on Activities for Your Kids


Raising kids takes a lot of time, patience, love, and- of course- money. It’s difficult enough to keep your child entertained but especially frustrating when you’re trying your best to stick to a family budget. Whether you’re looking to cut costs on activities your children are already in, or looking for affordable plans for the […]

Benefits of Stretching


Someone made a very insightful comment to me recently. When I told this person (who is not a fitness pro) that when I added 15 min of hip stretches to my usual evening stretch routine my knee ache went away within a few days. Her comment was wow, youre finally not stretching for no reason.

8 Easy Ways to Be Happy


Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. – Pharrell Williams A lot has been made in our culture about how to be happy. Pop stars sing about it. Ivy League professors lecture about it. Best-selling authors write about it. “Positive psychology” has become a popular field for researchers exploring the roots of […]

Winter Sports You Can Do With Your Kids


It’s that time of year that we make New Years resolutions – and most lists include staying healthy or getting into shape. In addition to eating healthy, and starting my 30’s healthier then I started my 20’s, I also included being a more patient, loving, and also fun mom as one of my resolutions.

How These Moms Won Big Bucks for Losing Weight!


“I felt like people treated me differently when I was overweight; they didn’t take me as seriously or respect me,” says Jennie, describing her weight loss transformation. Now she says, “I feel alive. I have my confidence back!” A year ago, Jennie weighed almost 200 pounds — and she needed a change. “I totally hated […]