Keeping Your Kids Safe: Baby-Proofing Your Home


The following is a guest post by Rick Console. You may think that your home is the safest place for your child, but it’s not. There is danger lurking around every corner (in fact, the corners themselves can be dangerous), but this does not have to mean your child will be injured. There are simple safety techniques you can employ in your home to keep your child safe from dangers you didnt even know existed.

Kids and Sleep: Making the Transition From Crib to Bed


The move from crib to bed – its something every parent fears. Will it disrupt the sleep pattern? Will I end up with a child in my bed every night? Is my baby growing up too fast? The questions go on and on. Its natural to worry about a big step like this, but you have to be strong and follow the ABCs of sleep training: be Assertive, Believe in yourself and your child that you can do this, and Commit to the transition.

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always Best


After my first son was born and put on my bare chest in the hospital, he wiggled down and found my breast just like in the videos on You Tube – just like the lactation consultants told me it happens. It was beautiful and perfect. That’s pretty much where he stayed until we went home […]

9 Things You NEED In Your Diaper Bag


Organizing a diaper bag can sound easy…. until the day you realize that you are out and about around town, your baby has a very nasty diaper and rash and you’re stuck in a restaurant with some relatives. It is this moment, when you will wish you had more supplies in your diaper bag. Now, I’m not suggesting that you carry everything with you, just the essentials. Try to imagine the basic sticky and messy situations and stock your diaper bag accordingly. . Here are nine things new moms shouldn’t leave home without: 1. An extra clean outfit