The Entire World Is Energy


The world is made up of energy. Everything you see, everything you do, everything you say all has a vibrational energy. Even that table beside your bed is energy. Energy from a plant, a tree. Energy sprinkled on earth from the stars up above.

All things around you near and far feel your vibration. What you say. What you think. It not only affects you, it affects others, even from a distance. What do you want others to feel when your energy hits them? What do you want to feel when it comes back to you?

Treat your energy with respect. It is powerful, as are your thoughts. The universe is reflecting back to you what you are putting out, what you believe. If there is something you don’t like, change it from within. It is ancient wisdom worth repeating over and over again.

Science is finally catching up to what spiritualty has known all along – all the world is energy. Choose to treat everything with kindness, respect, and love. You will surely see those vibes return to you.

Become conscious of what energy you allow into your day, from TV, to radio, and internet. Ask questions. Does it serve you? We are not here to be distracted, to get through the daily grind by covering our restlessness with distractions. We are here to learn and enjoy, from moment to moment! Take it one at a time.

When one ceases distracting themselves with the future and the past, the noise and constant doing, the gifts of the universe open up before your eyes. Stop and look at the beauty all around you. Beauty that was once a star now surrounds you. Feel the vibration of everything that comes across your path.

You are vibes. You have the power to make them positive and bright. The world is your oyster. Breathe deep. Enjoy this very moment.


Feel connected to everything through your energy.




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