Casey Anthony’s NOT Guilty Verdict Disturbs Mothers Everywhere


Mothers everywhere are disturbed that Casey Anthony has been acquitted of murder.

The entire case remains upsetting on many levels. First, we had to face the haunting image of adorable two-year old Caylee Anthony smiling at us from the newspaper that proclaimed MURDERED. An angelic looking toddler, Caylee should’ve been playing with toys and turning colorful pages in a picture book. The thought that her death remains unpunished is revolting.

Then, there is Casey Anthony, the very image of a bad mother. Neglectful, Selfish, Abusive.

Next, is Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey, grandmother to Caylee. Cindy Anthony represents the worst in parenting- an out of control, dangerous adult child. It was a nightmare situation waiting to get worse. Granddaughter Caylee is dead and daughter Casey is a textbook sociopath. Rarely do we see women who display this sociopathic tendency as flagrantly as Casey Anthony. Indisputably Casey is a compulsive liar, demonstrating impulsive and dangerous behavior with a history of instability. The fact that she remains free is scary.

But what can we do? Twelve jurors found her not guilty. Calling in Dexter is clearly not the answer. Isn’t it now time to start to clearly define right from wrong? I’ve never thought of myself as a conservative but lately good and evil seem awfully easy to identify. The aftermath in this particular case will give us an opportunity for self-examination in our standards for society. What will we be willing to pay for Casey Anthony’s made for TV movie, interviews and book deal? If Casey Anthony reaps a living from the murder of her child then we will be left facing the very worst of our culture and unfortunately, ourselves.

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