Information Overload: Why Modern Parenting is So Hard!


During one of my many phone calls to my sister-in-law  Laura last week, I was reminded again why it is so hard to be a parent in today’s world.

Laura told me about a new study that came out, and informed me that I need to check the kid’s sunscreen I bought. I was like, seriously?  Why? She told me that studies have shown some toxins in our sunscreens have actually been shown to contribute to skin cancers.

It really got me thinking about how hard it is to raise kids in today’s world. Not only do we have to worry about terrorism and gun violence in schools. But thanks to the  news, talk shows like The View, The Doctors, Doctor Oz, parenting magazines, and even mom blogs. We are always hearing of products and foods that we should and should NOT give our kids.

Recalls on foods, toys, baby gear are always being sent to me via email and Facebook links. It is a good thing in today’s world we are now learning the better way to protect our children. But sometimes, it can just be too much!!

We finally all agree sunscreen needs to be put on daily to protect us and our kids. Not just at the pool or beach but whenever we are exposed to the sun. But now, the sunscreen I apply to the boys before their baseball games might be harmful?!

I know that many can relate to this. Have you ever explained to your mom or mother-in-law the right way to strap in your child’s car seat, and they look at you like you are crazy and overprotective. They remind you again, they never used car seats.

Or they remind you that we all ate McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets and survived. When my kids wouldn’t have even known what McDonalds was if it wasn’t for grandparents. And it makes me want to scream sometimes “It must of been nice not to have to worry so much about everything.”

As a mom, I am trying to do my best – just like every other mom in past generations. And I am SURE when my kids have kids, every rule and recommendation will change.

I mean, in my 9 months of pregnancy with Chase, the debate on bumpers in the crib went back and forth so much online. I decided to use a bumper. After reading an article on how a newborn baby suffocated when it got stuck on the bumper and couldn’t roll back over, I went right into the room while my newborn slept with scissors and cut the bumpers out.  There was no way after reading that article I could sleep one more night knowing the bumpers were still in the crib! But then he kept hitting his head, so I had to put it back in a few months later.

Another example: Dr. OZ said apple juice has arsenic in it, which freaks me out.  Even though I grew up drinking apple juice and I let my first son drink apple juice. But now, after hearing what Dr. Oz said, my second son won’t be drinking apple juice.

We EVEN have to question which milk our kids should be drinking. “Drink your milk,” my mom told me every night at dinner.  But now, we’re told that the growth hormones in milk aren’t good for kids, so I have to spend 6 to 7 dollars on organic milk. I even know moms that only use goat’s milk!  

This information can drive any mom crazy. It is hard to determine which rules to follow and which to just let go in one ear and out the other.

A lot has been learned over the years. Growing up, we never wore helmets riding bikes. However I know a family that sure wishes helmet safety was taken more seriously 20 years ago would have saved their little girls life.

Safety and health standards for our children are taken a lot more seriously for our kids today. But it can make THIS modern mom go crazy when deciding which products to buy, and which is just a marketing scam to make money.

Everything from cleaning products, lotions, foods cause cancer. Who wants to be the mom spraying the “cancerous sunscreen” at the pool? Not Me! Where do we go from here? What responsibilities do the FDA on making sure the products are children are using daily our safe?

Some may think maybe not read into every little thing, but it is hard. Especially as new moms with babies to not take every precaution in things you read about.

How do we handle all the rules and advice that we receive as moms?   My advice to be is to follow your instincts, and if they leave you a little crazy at times (like cutting bumpers out of crib), stay offline for a little bit! Just remember, once upon a time,  in the good old days when our  mothers were raising us. The only advice they had to hear on how to raise their kids came from their MIL!



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