Join the Hydration Movement!


This is article is a sponsored post for Nestlé Pure Life.

Spring is here – and it’s the perfect time of year to make a positive change in your life. Do something good for yourself and your family by joining the Hydration Movement!

What is the Hydration Movement?

Nestlé Pure Life has issued a simple challenge to people everywhere: Replace one sugared beverage a day with good old fashioned H2O. Did you know that swapping one 12 ounce 140-calorie sugared beverage a day with water for a year will help eliminate up to 50,000 calories from your diet this year? That adds up to a pretty big number!

When you take part in the movement, you’ll join thousands of others who have already made the pledge and become part of a community of people who share the same goal. Best of all, you can inspire countless others to get involved by sharing your Nestlé Pure Life stories and photos on the Hydration Movement Mosaic!

History of the Hydration Movement

Starting in 2010, Nestlé Pure Life asked families to make a pledge, make a switch and make a change in their lives. The goal was the same – to switch one 12 ounce sugared beverage a day with water. It was a powerful and far-reaching movement to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

During the first two years of the initiative, more than 99,000 families have taken part and made an effort to stay hydrated in their everyday life. Just imagine the results: that simple switch helped eliminate billions of calories from families’ diets!

Take the Pledge!

What are you waiting for? Visit the Nestlé Pure Life Facebook page and take the pledge today! Once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to share your stories with the rest of the Hydration Movement community.

Here’s what some people who took the pledge posted:

“By exchanging a sugared beverage w/ water, I am teaching my children better nutrition and helping to fight childhood obesity.” – N.J.

“I gave up sugared drinks a few years ago when my body told me to. I feel 100% healthier.” Mindy W.

You can join them! All you have to do is get involved, get inspired and take the pledge!




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