How to Beat Summer Heat


Summer is here, kids are playing outdoors, and the temperatures are rising. As moms try to keep their kids healthy during the hot summer weather, dehydration is a top concern.

Water is the most abundant and essential component in the human body, and comprises on average about 60% of total body weight for young adults.* Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially in summer weather.

Below are five other tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and hydrated when protecting yourself from the heat!

Check the Weather

Temperatures above 90 degrees can quickly affect your child’s health. Knowing how hot it will be prior to making outdoor plans allows for weather-appropriate plans and preparation. If it’s sweltering outside, limit playtime to 10-15 minute intervals with water breaks in between.

Drink Water

Kids are more likely to drink water if it’s readily available. Keeping water bottles on hand is a great way to keep them hydrated, especially on the go! Put a few in your car, your purse, beach bag, diaper bags and anywhere else you stash your stuff to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Choose Natural Fruit

It’s easy to grab pre-packaged fruit snacks when you’re in a hurry. However, these snacks contain high amounts of sugar and other preservatives. Instead, pack watermelon chunks, grapes, and peaches. These fruits contain 70-95% water – so your little ones can enjoy a refreshing, healthy treat.

Dress the Part

Synthetic fibers increase perspiration because they do not breathe as well as cotton. Light colored clothing combined with 100% natural cotton creates optimal ventilation while the kids are at play.

Wear Sunscreen

Keep your skin safe and moisturized! In an effort to stay hydrated, we need to protect our body’s first line of defense, the skin. Sunscreen keeps you safe from harmful UV rays while also protecting skin from drying out.

*Source: USDA Center for Nutriiton Policy and Promotion



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