Are You Bringing Baggage To Lunch?


Have you ever noticed that some friends you go to lunch with spend the whole time complaining? They complain about their lives, about the behavior of others and about the likelihood that life’s only going to get harder for them. Have you ever noticed that you leave these encounters feeling badly?

Then you lunch with friends who just let bad events roll off their backs, make light of heavy situations and spend time telling you funny stories about their kids, work, and their adventures. These friends talk about their future in a positive and confident manner: They smile a lot. They laugh easily. They are thoughtful. These experiences make you feel good!

The stories we construct, the emotions we adopt, and the words we utter can have a direct effect on how easy or difficult our lives become.

We manifest what we speak.

We all have the power to pack a suitcase with a strong arsenal of words and language that affirms our lives, with a rich selection of emotions that are positive and supportive, and with stories that take responsibility for the lives we have led, and creates a plot of possibilities for the lives want to lead.

This month, consider the words you use your “carry-on” that accompanies you in your daily life – and see how often you pull something positive out. If the bag becomes heavy, check the bag and the lens through which you view the world.

Powerlessness and a victim attitude are linked to a negative outlook. Take charge of your life and make changes where needed. Embrace your positive word arsenal, express what you desire and are working toward and not what you lack and find impossible to attain… your life will be a little happier and certainly more “baggage” free.



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